Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, it definitely has been a while...reasons for this:

-finishing out the summer at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. Never have I had such a fun and busy summer as this one.
every so often I really miss the Berkshires.

-getting back late because of working at JPDF, I went to Minnesota first for the weekend and went to the State Fair-score.

-the first week back getting a gig working on a film as a set still photographer, which then took up a lot of my time

-designing for all 3 of our 1 semester shows. The House of Yes (costumes...why we'll never know.) Cabaret (Ass. Lights) Oleanna (Scenic)

-my computer and camera both crapping out around the same time, they had to be sent out to go get better.

So far this semester has been a stressful one, 19 credit hours, plus designs, plus outside work = too busy.
It didn't help that Cabaret was a fiasco in held for about 40 minutes on opening night. I have learned that our department is a separated one and the few that try to cross this divide are usually the best. It's sad but Cabaret may end up in the "that show we don't talk about" category. Moral of this story: if we are helping you out, then don't complain if you haven't helped us.

Also, who thought it would be a great idea for tech/design majors to have to act, even after Acting 1? Blah!

Going to Chicago/Milwaukee for Thanksgiving, and I'm glad Dan is going to be coming along-it should be a fun gathering with my family and my cousin's boyfriend as well. The email about Thanksgiving has about 25 threads on it and is getting more hilarious as it grows seeing as my uncle is trying with all his might to get us to agree to also having ham on Thanksgiving. Oh University professors and their tactics.

My camera came back a couple days ago, and I realized how much I missed it. Need to go take some photos ASAP.

Well that's enough for now, I think we're leaving to go to chili at Holman's house soon.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be pointless. Thanksgiving break should have started yesterday. That is all.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Too Long, Too Much

So I realize that I have not been keeping up with writing on here. To tell the truth I haven't had the time. For those of you who don't know, (I suppose that would mean I am assuming more than a few people read this) I am working at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival this summer. The Berkshires are beautiful, even if it does rain A LOT. Though the rain has slowed now, it's gotten warmer.

So, if anyone really wants a more in-depth explanation of my time here other than what I am about to vaguely list here, let me know. But there is far too much to type.

Things I have learned at JPDF:
-staying up until 3am is normal
-beer pong tables should be covered in marley and spiked (with their own Source 4 complete w/party gel)...and played in the shop.
-even though companies speak a different language, everyone speaks dance
-dancers like their monitors....LOUD
-running a sound board outdoors from a shack in the woods can be fun
-beware of bears they like to hang out by the dumpsters! (bear hunts '09)
-how to speak Slovene: Zella Dobra Golstilna = super awesome bar
-that when doing theatre in a barn, nothing goes the way you want it to
-friends and a movie make everything better
-slip & slide on inside/out stage makes everyone sore
-jumping into a quarry from 40ft up will also make you sore
-slowing down too fast in a pontoon will make you sink
-driving back from NYC at 3 in the morning is not a good plan
-anything can happen when foreigners and alcohol combine

Favorite quotes as of now:
-"Perfect is good enough." -Leo (props from Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal)
-"Can I talk to you for a minute?!" -Mikey
-"Too much? Too soon? I thought we were friends." -Mikey
-"Who threw that motha fuckin ham at me!?"
-"Where's my CORONA? None of that light shit." -Amanda
-"I do what I want."
-"Wait, what is rice made out of?" "FUJI! You're asian!"
-"I, I just admire you." -Tao
-"If it doesn't fit, push harder." -Erik
-"One team one dream, for reals this time." -Fuji

That will be all for now, there's only about a month left, and I haven't even made a dent in all that has happened this summer. Have a good one kids.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time is short.

I found yesterday that moving out of an apartment is a lot more work than moving out of a dorm room. Cabinets are sneaky and deceptive: they hide everything so that just when you think you're done you find more! So thanks to Andy and Avery for helping Amanda and I. Otherwise we would not have made it out by the time the annoying leasing office lady wanted us to turn in our keys.
On Friday, I was pleased to discover that for all of you who have read Angels and Demons, you will not be disappointed with the movie. I thought it was far superior, as the book is, than The DaVinci Code. Add in Ewan McGregor and Italy and I thought it was a success.
Also yesterday, I realized I had been thinking that I had a week after school got out...yea I have about 4 more days til we leave-yikes.
So like I told Amanda yesterday, my list of things to do before Matt & I head east goes as follows:
-get haircut (it's gotten way too long)
-eat at Jethro's
-bake cookies and make chex mix
-unpack a bit
-wander around taking pictures
-wander around downtown...I feel like I've gone there a lot more this semester, and I like it.

So anybody wanna do any of those things with me or just hang out before we leave? Let me know!
Otherwise, I'm not gonna be back until September 3rd at the earliest...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

mmm weekends

So, I am currently watching one of the greatest 80s movies...the breakfast club. I guess since certain people are frustrated by others not updating their blogs enough, I should get on that.
We opened Habeas this weekend and I went to see it today. I was actually pretty pleased with the work we did on it.
Yesterday was pretty fun: Wolverine movie, walmart excursion to get costumes for the nintendo party that was to occur later that evening, grilling and playing games in the yard. Exciting.

I went to the doctor about my wrist..."I don't think it's broken..." is very comforting.

My family is here...and I am already glad about my decision to stay in Des Moines before heading to NY and MA. (a trip that I am getting excited for by the way)

So now it's off to Court Ave to eat and then a soccer game and possibly more pong. Sounds like a sucessful evening in the making.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The End.

Is it me or is the end of the year sneaking up awfully fast? Also, that means I have a lot of work to do in not so much time. Tech is this weekend...which shouldn't be stressing me out but it is.

About two minutes ago I finally saw the sun come out today, other than that it has been a dull and dreary day in Iowa.

So this weekend was fun, it was actually really nice for our yearly ritual of getting drenched in paint. My cousin appeared in the middle of this and we proceeded to have a great weekend consisting of, but not limited to: Olive Garden, hookah, Slumdog, brunch, chicago cubs (they won-woot), Jethros, Sunshine Cleaning (it's good-go see it!), partying (...a lot), and Paul Reveres. I think we packed the weekend as full as possible-it was sweet.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Minnesota Easter

Our holidays have become a marathon of video games. I have not yet decided if this is awful or amazing. One thing's for sure it is entertaining watching grown men throw out their shoulders playing wii baseball.

So yes, I went home this weekend. Was glad to find not much has changed, managed to get photo time, MOA, carbones, and tea garden, so I was pleased. Ha also, Amy and I went to CDH to do some crew work...because we are dorks. But Carl our TD was there so it was fun. I only knew about half of the kids this time. Last spring I knew all of them. Sad.

Anyway I should finish packing, since we are leaving at 8...and it is now 7:32. See ya back in Iowa...:(

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a snowy april day in iowa

someone tell me please...why the hell is it snowing?! it is almost an entire week into april. you know...spring? And what is it doing? snowing freaking sideways.
the best part of this is I received a card from my grandma at home in St. Paul ( know in Minnesota where it should be colder than here) which said, "winter is finally over and i made it through! it gets so depressing!"
I am excited to go home for easter on friday-I haven't been home since Christmas Break and after this I may only be back for a day or so before leaving for Massachusetts for the entire summer.
This summer...which by the way I am very excited and nervous for. Got the job at Jacob's Pillow Dance in Becket, MA. check it out
Excited because of all the fun and work I am going to do. Nervous because well..., it's new. I hope I don't miss everyone from Drake and home too much. I'm assuming I'll be busy so that will help. I'm also not going to be back until after the 3rd of September=long summer.

writing for the day...

And it trickles in and out,
that overwhelming twinge of guilt.
Shame is the new doubt
and people like to watch the monkey in the cage.
Easy to find a balance,
but hard to maintain.
Always chancing and waiting
for that nauseating day when it all hits.
The flowers gone and wondering.
So now the longing takes an ungraceful toll
as it twists the knots tighter.
Stronger the moves become,
because out of control is the only control,
the only permanent fixture
known to you and only you
it digs itself deeper and maintains the draw.
It pulls and tugs the scratchy blankets down,
beyond your arms’ reach.