Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, it definitely has been a while...reasons for this:

-finishing out the summer at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival. Never have I had such a fun and busy summer as this one.
every so often I really miss the Berkshires.

-getting back late because of working at JPDF, I went to Minnesota first for the weekend and went to the State Fair-score.

-the first week back getting a gig working on a film as a set still photographer, which then took up a lot of my time

-designing for all 3 of our 1 semester shows. The House of Yes (costumes...why we'll never know.) Cabaret (Ass. Lights) Oleanna (Scenic)

-my computer and camera both crapping out around the same time, they had to be sent out to go get better.

So far this semester has been a stressful one, 19 credit hours, plus designs, plus outside work = too busy.
It didn't help that Cabaret was a fiasco in held for about 40 minutes on opening night. I have learned that our department is a separated one and the few that try to cross this divide are usually the best. It's sad but Cabaret may end up in the "that show we don't talk about" category. Moral of this story: if we are helping you out, then don't complain if you haven't helped us.

Also, who thought it would be a great idea for tech/design majors to have to act, even after Acting 1? Blah!

Going to Chicago/Milwaukee for Thanksgiving, and I'm glad Dan is going to be coming along-it should be a fun gathering with my family and my cousin's boyfriend as well. The email about Thanksgiving has about 25 threads on it and is getting more hilarious as it grows seeing as my uncle is trying with all his might to get us to agree to also having ham on Thanksgiving. Oh University professors and their tactics.

My camera came back a couple days ago, and I realized how much I missed it. Need to go take some photos ASAP.

Well that's enough for now, I think we're leaving to go to chili at Holman's house soon.

Monday and Tuesday are going to be pointless. Thanksgiving break should have started yesterday. That is all.

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